Our approach might best be described as “investigative” – we ask a lot of questions. Most of our clients have a story to tell, but they aren’t quite sure what they have to say, why one subject might be more interesting than another, or how to get the ball rolling to a successful production. That’s where we can help. Whether it’s a Skype session or an informal sit-down with key stakeholders for an hour or two, discovering the thread that makes our client’s narrative more interesting than their competitors is what C2C Media does best.
Cable companies make their money by selling media. We grow your business by telling stories that get customers in the door and keep them coming back for more. While we understand the appeal of using the same company for the video creation and media buy, the affiliate often inflates the cost of the media buy to cover the cost of the video production (typically marketing the production as “free”). Additionally, the product created by a local affiliate often looks like it came from a local affiliate. If you are looking for a video that reflects your vision and speaks to your target audience, C2C Media thrives in that arena.
A typical television commercial can range from $7,500 to $50,000+. On the other hand a corporate narrative or explainer video may vary between $5,000 and $60,000. Factors such as length, travel, timeframe, and the size and scope of each project all impact the final cost.
Our company model includes hiring multi-disciplined experts in core areas to deliver the highest quality production for our clients. Because the experts we hire typically have no less than 15+ years of experience, we are able to work with smaller “skeleton” crews while providing customers with a tailored approach to meet the specific objectives for each campaign.
The simple answer? We’re a soup to nuts video production company. We have the capacity to initiate the creative, craft the concept, produce the project and disseminate the deliverable. To get a better handle on our process, check out our Services page.
Drones are, without a doubt, one of the best ways to instill a sense of “wow” in any production. Whether you’re a commercial developer hoping to highlight a new trek of land, a real estate agent with a luxury listing that demands an eye in the sky, or an energy company looking to share your company’s vision with the rest of the world, we’ve got you covered.
We can typically remain in the air for 15-20 minutes. However, we have multiple battery packs, so our total flight time is over two hours without needing a re-charge.
Yes, our systems include a GPS fail-safe which will automatically return the drone safely to its original take-off location should a loss of signal occur.
EVERYWHERE! Though we call Austin home, we’ve produced spots – and shot footage – all over the country. In the aerial world alone, we’ve managed to tackle North Dakota, Wyoming, Alabama, Georgia, Colorado – and of course Texas – in the last year.
We don’t. Because of pending FAA flight regulations, clients are not charged for aerial UAV flights or image acquisition services from our drones. Our UAV operations are not commercial in nature. We only fly our UAVs for the “pure enjoyment of flying.” Clients are charged for the ground based production services as well as processing & editing of media. All UAV flights are completed on the client’s private property or managed property, recreationally with their permission, within FAA Model Aircraft Operations.

C2C Media is a turnkey video production company. For the better part of 20 years, we’ve written, produced, directed, shot and edited all manner of moving images. Unsure where to start when choosing a production company? Take a look at our reel to see if you like our work.

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