Back in 2015, C2C was hired to produce a project that had to be shot during the Austin City Limits music festival. We had two camera crews, 25 pedicabs, a half-dozen GoPro’s, a drone, a Ronin steady-rig, and enough Cake Shakes to put an elephant in sugar-shock. The catch – if concert attendees danced on camera, we’d give them a Cake Shake and a free pedicab ride to the venue. When it’s 100 degrees in the shade, there’s nothing quite like ice cream and a cool breeze to lift one’s spirits.

A few months after we wrapped the ACL gig, we were hired to produce Sonic’s Limeades for Learning campaign. Julianne Hough was SONIC’s talent for the project, and even though our shoot was to take place in a Four Season’s hotel, there was a request for dancing. Thankfully, our talented DP and crew came up with a guerilla-production setup using a window and some sheets as a backdrop. Ms. Hough was impressed, SONIC was thrilled, and the rest is history.

To get a handle on our impact on SONIC’s business, one need look no further than their YouTube page. Nearly every top-performing piece of content on the page was a C2C production, including this adorable spot with a couple kiddos talking up SONIC’s morning offerings. In all, our work has generated over 20 million views for every teacher’s favorite fast food brand. 

From small sizzle reel edits to on-location public school shoots to full-scale productions with a sizable crew, we’ve produced just about every kind of content available for the good folks at SONIC. 

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